Mens Body Works - Grooming and Day Spa

Mens Body Works was established in 2002 by Angie Macolino, who is still very much hands on in the business. It is Melbourne’s FIRST and ONLY grooming and day spa exclusively for men. It is a world class facility boasting one of the world's biggest service menu!

Together with an amazing team of expert hairstylists, beauty and day spa therapists, Angie and the crew is dedicated in deporting the very best of personal care and wellness to the men - and women on Wednesdays!

Combining the ambience of a gentleman’s club with that of a health and beauty retreat, this state of the art facility features everything the discerning man of today needs to look and feel his best - inside and out!

“We love what we do so it comes very naturally to us. Let me take this opportunity to thank the amazing and tirelessly working team I am proud to call 'my girls', and the our fantastic and loyal clientele. We look forward to welcoming you. You are a stranger but once at Mens Body Works.

Thank you for supporting a Victorian small business".

Angie xx