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grooming and day spa

Mens Body Works was established in 2002 by Angie Macolino, who is still very much hands on in the business. It is Melbourne’s FIRST and ONLY grooming and day spa exclusively for men. It is a world class facility boasting the biggest service menu!

Together with her amazing team of expert hairstylists, beauty and day spa therapists, Angie and her all-girl crew is dedicated in deporting the very best of personal care and wellness to the men of Melbourne and beyond!

Combining the ambience of a gentleman’s club with that of a health and beauty retreat, this state of the art facility features everything the discerning man of today needs to look and feel his best - inside and out!

“We love what we do so it comes very naturally to us. Let me take this opportunity to thank the amazing and tirelessly working team I am proud to call “my girls”, and the our fantastic and loyal clientele. We look forward to welcoming you. You are a stranger but once at Mens Body Works.”

Angie xx


Puberty Blues Facial

A specially designed facial for hormonal teenagers.

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IV Therapy is an effective way to get a dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the blood stream.

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Sick of saying goodbye to your hair every time you wash it? High Frequency Therapy is a technique that involves high frequency infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. It is a very relaxing treatment.

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Shop Online

Gift Vouchers and your favorite Dermalogica and American Crew are now at your fingertips though our online store. Fast and efficient service.

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Women Welcome On Wednesday

We whole heartedly welcome women on Wednesdays to enjoy every service we have to offer, excluding hair.

Get to experience what a true day spa experience is all about. Our all girl crew are here to pamper you as well as look after all your waxing and skin care needs.

Grab a friend, enjoy a glass of bubbly or any refreshment you like and let us make you feel amazing!

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Run your finger along the paintwork of your car that you think looks clean and see just how much dirt you pick up. Looks can be decieving and the same applies to your face.
Our expert therapists can restore your skin to it's optimum health and introduce you to an effective cleansing routine.

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Water Treatments

The Hydro Spa, Vichy Rain Shower and Float Tank are the ultimate in water treatment experiences.The Hydro Spa is a mammoth 144 jet spa designed to stimulate cuirculation, relax muscles and invigorate lymphatic drainage.
The Vichy Rain Shower is a wet bed massage table where you can indulge in a body scrub, mudwrap or both.
The Float Tank is a totally out of the world relaxation and recovery experience.

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Boost your immume system. Soothe muscular aches and pains. Improve circulation. Promote muscle definition. Improve skin tone. Eliminate toxins and just leave feeling great. Regular massage is a very effective way of relieving stress and anxiety. It's not just a papmering, it is a necessity in this fast-paced life we live.

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At Mens Body Works we take our waxing services very seriously. The most imporant feature of this treatment is to minimise your discomfort and to ensure that post-wax care is maintained.There is NO body part that we won't wax. Under the watchful eye of Angie, you are in very good hands.


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Ear Candling

Do you suffer: Headaches, Migranes, Sinus, Ringing Ears, Blocked Ears, Throat Infections, Sensitivity to Noise, Fatigue, Stress, Clouded Thoughts? Then Ear Candling is for you. This non-ivasive treatment will rid your inner ear of built up wax. You will instantly hear and taste better and feel a sense of clarity and awareness. It is a fantastic treatment.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna is a great way of recalibrating your body and eliminating toxins and inflammation. Great for weight loss, muscle and joint recovery, arthritis, stress, anxiety, auto immune disorders, skin tone and so much more!

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Gift Vouchers

When words are simply not enough, show your appreciation with a gift voucher to Mens Body Works. Be it for a friend, a loved one or a business associate, our vouchers are tailored to suit the recipient. If you don't have time to pop in, you can email or call us and we can make all the nessesary arrangements for you over the phone.

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