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Voted the Best Mens Day Spa in Victoria by Mens Style Magazine 2015

It's time to get over all that nonesense about skincare being for women. Men also realise that it is important to take care of their skin. So, the launch on Mens Body Works in Richmond is very timely.

Graham 'Penguin Pearce' - Herald Sun

Don't be surprised if you spot more than the average number of good looking, well groomed and refreshed men wandering the streets of Richmond this summer as a new oasis has popped into the area under the guise of a men's spa retreat......

Mike Evans - B News

No sooner have day spas taken off in the CBD, now Melbourne has its first hair, beauty and day spa retreat for men.........

In The Loop - Melbourne Weekly

Shane: What else do you do?

Nathan: I go to a place called Mens Body Works and have a Vichy Rain Shower.

Shane: A What?

Nathan: You get all these hot water taps poured over you while you get loofahed.

Shane: That's interesting. How often would you do something like that?

Nathan: During the season once a fortnight. It sorts my life out a bit on Tuesdays.

Shane: I might have to get the number

Footballer Nathan Brown being interviewed by Shane Crawford - Herald Sun

Acclaimed Spa specialist Kirien Withers, Director of and Spa Guru Consulting Associates has listed Mens Body Works as one of three best places for men to go get pruned and pampered in Victoria.

Mens Health Magazine October Issue

A new breed of super salon is rising from the ashes of the barber shop -Mens Body Works in Richmond.

Mens Style - Autumn 2005

Comprehensive segment on Mens Body Works which appeared on Saturday 26th February 2005.

Postcards Channel Nine

Voted mens Body Works the best day spa and mens grooming facility in Victoria

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