Face Works

Face up to the world and be proud of what is uniquely yours. Nurture it and it will always present well. Your skin is irreplacable! Through regular facials and home care, you can turn back time.

Customised Facials
15mins 30mins 45mins 60mins 90mins
A customised facial is where your therapist will devise a facial custom to your skin and use products specific to your skin type and condition.

Specialised Facials

This facil promotes cell rejuvenation and helps combat the signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring. It is a recommended maintenace facial having had the LED Ion Active Facial. See furher down. For more information on LED click here
Duration: 30mins

Blackheads Be Gone
This facial is tailored to remove conjestion and blackheads. With the aid of extraction products, your skin will be left clean and refined.
Duration: 40mins

Eye Zone
If you're a night owl, working too hard or suffer a hereditary disposition, this treatment is for you as it is designed to combat puffiness, dark circles, fatigue and fine lines. The combination of intense products, massage and some quiet time will leave your eyes fresh and alive.
Duration : 30mins

High Frequency
This is an intense deep pore cleansing treatment customised for all skin types and conditions. It will help start the restoration process of what skin should look and feel like. This facial treats all skin types and the High Frequency component is used to combat open and oily pores, firm skin and redue fine lines and wrinkels.
Duration : 60 mins

This intense facial is designed for pre-mature, mature and sun damaged skin. Using a range of Dermalogica's Age Smart products this facial will firm and hydrate the skin and minimise the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
Duration: 60mins

Bio Surface Peel
If you're after a instant face lift, look no further than our face peel. This is a non-invasive facial treatment that removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new cells. It plumps sagging skin to reveal a refreshing beauty instantly. There is NO down time!
Duration : 60 mins

LED Ion Active
This is an intense workout for aged and troubled skin. With the aid of the Infra Red LED and a systemised course of products by Dermalogica, your therpist will perform an in-depth facial that will your skin hydrated and youthful. For more information on LED click here
Duration : 60 mins

BT Micro Current 
This is a facial device used for combatting wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, poor skin texture and tone, enlarged pores and acne. It works by creating high speed oscillations leaving skin smooth, fresh and perfectly prepared for product application.
Duration: 60mins

Mask Bar
This is a top up service that works well with a Hydro Spa and Vichy Shower. We have a selection of masks to suit your skin to further enhance your day spa experience.