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02 August 2017

Despite cleaning your ears on a daily basis with cotton buds, there is no doubt that you will still have a have a build up of wax in your inner ear.

Using pure bees wax, Ear Candling, is a non-invasive procedure that will help draw out that wax and in turn help you overcome many problems.

Traced back to the Ancient Egyptians, Ear Candling draws out excess fluid and debris from the inner ear, much like a vacum for your head.

It is a cone that is gently inserted in your ear and the exposed tip is lit allowing the buring flame to draw out the gunck!!

Once the procedure is over we cut open the cone and you can see your yourself.

If you've been cleaning your ears with a cotton bud then the liklihood of you pushing wax back into your ear is high.

Ear Candling will leave your ear and inner ear clean and free of wax giving you a heightened sense of hearing, smell and taste almost instantly.

It's a 30 minute procedure that includs a head and neck massage.

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