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02 August 2017

Shaving Private Ryan!

DON'T DO IT GUYS! Before you even think about taking a sharp instrument or hot wax to your main man, talk to us first.

Mens Body Works has seen enough do-it-yourself botch jobs to write a book and if your girlfriend or boyfriend says they can do it for you, again...DONT DO IT!

With over 14 years experience under her belt, owner and specialised therapist, Angie, has performed thousands of them so you are not alone, and he is definitly in very good hands.

At Mens Body Works we call it a Single Y-Front wax  or a Double Y-Front wax (much more civilised than "a back, crack and sack"!!) AND....it only takes 20mins if that and size doesn't matter!!!!

The Single Y-Front is a clean up of just the front area  - not including the testicals. This can include that annoying fury bit from your belly button down - the bit that gets caught in your zipper OUCH!

The Double Y-Front is EVEYTHING, the front, the shaft, testicals, inbetween the butt crest and the whole butt cheek area - including that fury bit that sits just on top of your crest (the welcome mat)!

However,  if you're after and bit of this and bit of that, tailor waxing is certainly welcomed, where you and Angie can discuss the look you want on the day of your treatment.

If you're not quite up for waxing, [remembering that scene from 40 year-old Virgin], then clipping is another option. This is performed by using hair grooing clippers that feature a safety guard (or not if you're cheeky lol)

But seriously, our techniques and pre and post treatment service is second to none.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built over the years and can guarantee you that he is in very in good hands, so please call Angie or speak to any of our friendly team, and book your appointment.

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