Water Treatment

Stimulates circulation.Soothes muscles. Improve skin elasticity. Increases metabolism. Improved digestion.

Hydro Spa
The Hydro Spa is the ultimate in water treatment experiences.

It is designed with 144 air and water jets that are strategically positioned to apply pressure to every part of your body, including the soles of your feet.

It has the ability to be programed to suit your needs. The programs are :

Relaxation: To relive a tired body
Stretching: To invigorate and energise the musles
Aquabics: Strengthens the immune system
Workout: Equalise circulation and increase your metabolism
Trimming: Improve digestion and eliminate toxins and waste
Lower Body: Concentrates on the lower back and legs to release stiffness, soreness and pain
Limphatone: Encourages lymphatic drainage 
Duration : 30 mins

Vichy Rain Shower
The Vichy Rain Shower is a unique water therapy experience. It combines the theraputic benefits of massage and water.

You lay on a specially padded treatment bed while a horizontal bar that consists of shower heads, each set at a 90-degree angle - drench your body with warm water.

There are seven individual shower heads and each one is able to be manouvered to targeted specific areas of the body.

Water pressure can also be made stronger or lighter to suit the different needs of each body part.

The water literally cleans the body of fatigue and stress and to compliment the treatment and ensure the ultimate state of relaxation, your therapist will apply further pressure with a full body massage.

To further enhance the experience, we also apply a body scrub and remove dead skin and surface build up, leaving your skin glowing and squeaky clean.

Duration : 30, 45 or 60 mins

Enhance either of these treatments with a Detox Mud Mask!

Float Tank