Long Term Hair Removal

If you want a more permanent solution to hair removal then you should consider LHE - Light and Heat Energy hair removal at Mens Body Works

LHE is at the forefront of long term hair removal systems and Mens Body Works is proud to provide you this cutting edge technology.

LHE is a very advanced unit that produces light and heat, as opposed to other hair removal systems on the market, such IPL, which radiate laser pulses.

SImply put, out unit omits high levels of light and heat. The light attracts itself to the melanin found in hair and as the hair absorbs the light it produces heat.

This heat then causes the thermal destruction of follicle tissue and eventually after a series of treatments destroys the bulb.

The hairs growth is significantly impeded between treatments and in many cases, eliminated all together - thus ending the need for treatments.

It may be that growth will occur after a year or so and this can be caused by hormonal changes in the body.

The exact time that the hair stays gone between treatments depends on the area being treated as well as the energy settings selected by the therapist and one's hair and skin factors.

Most areas of the face and body can be successfully treated.

LHE at Mens Body Works
As with every treatment and service we conduct at Mens Body Works, you can rest assured that the therapist performing LHE has been highly trained in it's deportment and have spent month's preparing for it's application on clients.

We welcome you to book in a no-obligation patch test and consultation with Angie at any time.

A nominal fee of $50 will apply to having a patch test and consultation, however, if you proceed with the LHE treatment the $50 will be deducted from the first session price.

It is mandatory to sit a patch test and consultation and then allow at least 24 hours before the first treatment. This is the time required for the skin to either adjust or react to the light and heat.

Furthermore, it provides you and your therapist the best preparation for your treatment and more importantly the comfort and knowledge in knowing that there will not be any concerns.

Please contact us anytime for more information and to book in your consultation.

IPL Price List

Prices are on a per session basis AND negotiable!
[M] Denotes Male
[F] Denotes Female

  • Arms - Upper  [M] $220
  • Arms - Lower  [M] $270
  • Arms - Full [M] $440 [F]$360
  • Legs - Lower [M] $440 [F]$350
  • Legs - Upper [M] $440 [F]$450
  • Legs - Full [M] $920 [F]$800
  • Back - Full [M] $500 
  • Back & Shoulders [M] [F]$600 
  • Back of Neck [M] $150 [F]$100
  • Beard Area to Neck [M] [F]$350 
  • Buttocks [M] $320 
  • Breast/Areola  [M] [F]$160
  • Chest to Neck [M] [F]$350 
  • Chest & Stomach [M] $500 
  • Chin & Lip  [M] $100
  • Ears, Nose, Mono Brow, Chin, Cheeks, Feet, Toes, Hands or Fingers [M] $60 [F]$80
  • Full Face  [M] $220
  • Patch Test [M] $50 [F]$50
  • Stomach - Full [M] [F]$350 
  • Stomach - Snail Trail [M] $200 [F]$110
  • Shoulders [M] $250 
  • Speedo/Bikini Line [M] $200 [F]$160
  • Tail Bone $100 [F]$100
  • Underarms [M]$130 [F]$130
  • Y-Front/Brazilian XX [M] $400 [F]$300
  • YY-Front/Brazilian XXX [M] $440 [F]$330